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Explore our passive design solutions, reduce your building energy use.

Save Time & Energy

Heat and energy can have a significant impact on your building performance.

Use FenestraPro to understand how to best optimize your façade and improve design decisions.

Thermal Performance

Understand overall and elemental best practices for glass-to-wall ratio.

Solar Heat Gain

Control the amount and type of glass to maximize heat gain & minimize overheating.

Natural Daylight

Maximize natural daylight with the amount and type of glass in your building.

FenestraPro is trusted by leading global firms, including:

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Experience FenestraPro, the ultimate tool when designing for environmental performance in Autodesk Revit.

FenestraPro integrates all capabilities of Target and Linc and combines them with smart algorithms and powerful management capabilities for high-performance façade management from conceptual to detailed model in Revit. This complete solution will allow the designer to have control over both the aesthetics and performance of the building’s façade.

Linc is our latest innovation which allows for more detailed façade glazing management with more than 300 and counting glazing types

Get live access to manufacturer data and information on the cloud. Then incorporate it into your model.

Robert Phinney

“FenestraPro has been transformational for us, empowering our architects to quickly design and deliver beautiful, functional buildings that also achieve the energy performance requirements that have become part of our ethos at Page. These kind of benefits ultimately make a difference to us in impacting the way that people work and live.”

Matt Petermann

“There are so many options and ways that any design can go, and so many explorations that are happening on any project during the design phase. Being able to distil these options down to a set of criteria that allow you to meet the aesthetic demands and needs, while also optimising them for energy consumption is impossible without tools that pair those things together. There are not many, if any, tools that do that, besides FenestraPro.”

Natalia Quintanilla

“We constantly seek to integrate innovative and cutting-edge tools… As an Add-in for Revit, FenestraPro Premium offers flexibility and quickness to test different forms, and provides detailed information about thermal, solar and daylight performance that helps us make informed decisions about building orientation, solar shading, and amount, distribution and type of glazing. Getting guidance on these decisions early in the design process offers the ability to have a greater positive impact on the design, and avoid cost implications of design changes later on.”

Ben Minton

“FenestraPro Premium is a hugely valuable tool that enabled us to make decisions early, quickly, and in a far more quantifiable way. By giving us insight into issues around the façade treatment, FenestraPro informed our design process very dynamically. And the ability to automatically optimise decisions like glazing percentage or shading depth is extremely useful.”

Optimise the Design of Your Façade

By understanding the impact of passive considerations on heat loss, heat gain and daylighting from the earliest stages of the design process through to detail design and construction documentation.

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