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Learn passive considerations in façade design and their effect on the energy performance of a building.

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Using Passive Design

Optimal design decisions relating to the envelope are crucial to managing the energy performance of a building, particularly around passive design strategies of the façade.

As the façade can affect more than 50% of the total end energy use of a building, understanding the implications of your design decisions helps mitigate project risk and cost.


Program Description

This presentation outlines the considerations to be reviewed for façade design at every design stage, giving architects a better understanding of the implications of their design decisions and how software applications can be used effectively.

It will cover the effects of solar, thermal, and daylighting considerations, as well as a workflow to review and resolve Revit Energy Analysis model issues ahead of IES energy modeling.

Key Benefits

Learn how software applications can identify optimal design and specification solutions for the façade from the early stages of design.

Optimize overall building performance

Analyze thermal performance to meet code and understand passive solar heat gain and natural daylighting.

Seamlessly integrated into BIM workflows

Understand facade performance in real-time using our integrated Revit application.

Streamline your design workflow by at least 30%

Identify optimal façade design solutions and eliminate late-stage redesign.

Mitigate project cost and reduce energy use

Determine thermal performances in iterative design to save on project cost.



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