FenestraPro Learning is our support platform with user-focused training.

Training Courses

Ensure your team is fully educated on conceptual and detailed design tools available.

Support Includes

AIA Continuing Education courses and bespoke workflows for the facade.

AIA Course.

An overview of the considerations to be reviewed for façade design at different design stages, giving architects a better understanding of the implications of their design decisions. In particular, this will cover the effects of passive characteristics such as solar, thermal and daylighting, and how these can be managed and optimized through decisions around geometry and materiality.

AIA 2030

Duration: 29m 59s.


An introduction to why Energy Analysis is important at an early stage and the functions and features of the Tools.

General Introduction

Duration: 6m 05s.

Features in Concept & Detailed Tools

Duration: 5m 28s.

Getting Started.

Learn how to create an Account with FenestraPro, navigate model types, typical workflows and user interfaces.

Account Creation

Duration: 2m 35s.

User Interface – Concept Tool

Duration: 3m 39s.

User Interface – Detailed Tool

Duration: 8m 00s.

Navigation in the Concept Tool

Duration: 4m 56s.

Navigation in the Detailed Tool

Duration: 6m 13s.

Conceptual Workflow

Duration: 9m 52s.

Detailed Workflow

Duration: 9m 34s.

Conceptual Models.

Learn how to create a mass model that works best with FenestraPro, make selections, define settings for your project areas, navigate the model, assign glass types, generate glazing on the model, create and customize Reports and review Shading Effects.

Create a Mass Model

Duration: 1m 02s.

Key Energy Settings

Duration: 3m 54s.

Using Energy Codes

Duration: 2m 06s.

Glass to Wall Ratio

Duration: 3m 43s.

Glazing Specifications

Duration: 3m 56s.

Façade Manager

Duration: 4m 00s.


Duration: 2m 37s.

Shading Options

Duration: 3m 17s.

Detailed Models.

Learn how to onboard a Revit model, define settings for your project, override thermal properties, navigate the model, make selections, assign glass types, generate glazing on the model, create and customize Reports and review Shading Effects.

Launch & Setup

Duration: 6m 00s.

Navigation & Selections

Duration: 5m 05s.

Select & Apply Glazing

Duration: 4m 38s.

Generate Glazing on the model

Duration: 3m 09s.

Outputs (Reports & Shading Animations)

Duration: 2m 10s.

Shading Options

Duration: 1m 09s.

Thermal Performance Tool.

This will explain the use of the Tool for curtain panels and windows and the correct workflow to assign thermal properties to various materials and import back to FenestraPro.

Part 1 – Glazing parallel to wall plane

Duration: 25m 43s.

Part 2 – Glazing not parallel to wall plane

Duration: 15m 30s.

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