FenestraPro 7 Live Launch Event: Enhancing Energy Analysis in Revit

Watch the presentations and panel from our latest live event.

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Live Event at Autodesk FenestraPro 45
Event Synopsis

FenestraPro 7 Launch Event

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Oliver Kinnane | University College Dublin

Simulating Operational Energy

Oliver Kinnane gives a passionate presentation on why simulating operational energy is important for the future of the built environment.

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Ian Molloy | Autodesk

Enhanced Energy Analysis Techniques in Revit

Senior Product Manager and Building Performance Analyst Ian walks us through special techniques for faster energy analysis in Revit.

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Simon Whelan | FenestraPro

Workflows for Simple Energy Analysis Using FenestraPro 7

FenestraPro co-founder and green building architect Simon Whelan demonstrates workflows that architects can use for a more integrated building design process.

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Panel Discussion

The Importance of Building Performance Analysis

Chaired by Dr. Malachy Mathews, Ian, Simon and Oliver share insights on why building performance analysis is important to designers.

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