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We kicked off our FenestraPro 7 launch event last week at Autodesk‘s EMEA Headquarters in Dublin. Focusing on energy analysis in Revit, the event featured presentations on simulation, energy analysis, and how software tools like FenestraPro can be used to help optimize building performance in Revit.

Ian Molloy, Oliver Kinnane, and FenestraPro‘s own Simon Whelan gave in-depth presentations that led to a discussion on the importance of building performance analysis┬áduring a panel.

Ian discussed how energy analysis in Revit is evolving and how software tools are changing how architects measure performance. Oliver presented how simulation is important to building performance and how architects can be integrating it more into workflows. Simon demonstrated how our latest version of FenestraPro 7 optimizes energy model analysis while maintaining a direct connection to Revit.

Chaired by Malachy Mathews, the panel later debated and discussed strategies that architects can use now to impact the future of the built environment.

Videos of the presentations will be available shortly, but check the gallery below to see how the event went!

Megan Doyle

Marketing Manager @FenestraPro. Passionate about SEO, saving our oceans, and architectural history.