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Our façade design platform identifies sustainable, energy-reducing solutions for architects, designers and engineers.

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The façade can control more than 57% of a building’s overall energy usage and is a significant influence on the comfort of occupants. Identifying optimal design and specification solutions for the façade from early stages in design mitigates project cost during construction and reduces the running cost of the building itself.

Optimize overall building performance

Analyze thermal performance to meet code and understand passive solar heat gain and natural daylighting.

Seamlessly integrated into BIM workflows

Understand facade performance in real-time using our integrated Revit application.

Streamline your design workflow by at least 30%

Identify optimal façade design solutions and eliminate late-stage redesign.

Mitigate project cost and reduce energy use

Determine thermal performances in iterative design to save on project cost.


From early-stage conceptual design to late-stage detailed design, FenestraPro is proven to guide designers to the optimal façade performance, eliminate the risk of late-stage redesign, meet local code compliance, and optimize projects for occupant comfort.


Identify sustainable design solutions that decrease overall energy use and project cost.

  • Understand implications of design decisions from an early stage in the design process
  • Compare glazing specifications and their impact on performance
  • Establish optimal glass-to-wall ratio and distribution of glazing
  • Generate multiple facade configurations to meet performance and aesthetic requirements
  • Create bespoke reports to demonstrate optimal performance and code compliance


In any stage of design, engineers can understand optimal facade performance, conduct intricate analysis of the facade system and select bespoke glazing for detailed specifications.

  • Understand the balance between thermal performance, passive solar heating and daylight in BIM workflows
  • Apply variations in thermal values to components for detailed thermal analysis
  • Compare alternative glazing specifications including bespoke makeups from manufacturer configurators

BIM Specialist

Identify, assess, and resolve model integrity issues for energy analysis.

  • Assess energy models and identify model issues
  • Seamless integration into BIM workflows
  • Conduct energy model analysis
  • Advanced reporting to demonstrate findings for clients

FenestraPro For Revit

FenestraPro for Revit facilitates real-time feedback on facade performance and guides the designer to the optimal configuration and specification.


FenestraPro for Forma

FenestraPro for Forma is Envelope Analysis Extension that supports the user to make informed decisions regarding the building envelope in real time, earlier using Autodesk Forma.


FenestraPro Learning

FenestraPro Learning is a user focused resource to support users to learn how to use the FenestraPro applications with a series of easy to access instructional videos.


FenestraPro Support

FenestraPro provides extensive support to support via our open knowledge base, that provides learning and guidance for users to get the most our of FenestraPro.


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Streamline your design workflow by 30%