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As Autodesk Industry Partners, Revit 2023 support in FenestraPro is in active development in conjunction with Autodesk. 

With each new release of any software, things change. Generally, these changes are small, involving optimisations, small tweaks and bugfixes, but sometimes circumstances dictate a bigger change.  

This has been the case with Revit 2023, and the Energy Analysis Model creation. For curtain walls particularly, glazed units sharing the same analytical performance properties are amalgamated into one opening by Revit, in the Energy Analysis Model representation of a curtain wall. 

This change can and will be accommodated in FenestraPro’s business model logic. In development however, we found some Revit API issues with the Energy Model surface orientations, which means that we would have to introduce logic to validate every surface’s orientation – impacting FenestraPro’s performance.  

We have been in contact with Autodesk, who have raised the issue internally. Once resolved, this will be available in a future point release of Revit 2023. 

Depending on Autodesk’s release schedule for this fix, we may need to include surface orientation validation checks for Revit 2023 so that FenestraPro support is available for our users as a priority. 

Simon Whelan

Co-Founder and COO @FenestraPro. Once a practicing Architectural Technologist, Simon is passionate about cycling, sustainable living and how the built industry can incorporate more resilient living practices.