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Façade investigation through a Total Carbon Lens. Our latest feature in development will help users understand the impacts of f design decisions on both operational and embodied carbon in Revit.

As we continue to work towards the delivery of net zero buildings, designers need a clearer understanding of not just operational carbon impacts of building façade geometry and materiality, but also the embodied carbon impacts. Crucially, the relationship between them should be investigated to understand and justify design decisions.

By establishing the embodied and operational carbon impacts of a building façade together, we can quantify the impacts of our façade design decisions at early stages.  For example, this may be to investigate the selection of a high performing glazing assembly.

Total Carbon Lens Isolated Revit
Total Carbon FenestraPro

Additionally, we would love to hear some feedback from you on how the Total Carbon Lens could work with your projects.

Megan Doyle

Marketing Manager @FenestraPro. Passionate about SEO, saving our oceans, and architectural history.