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Architects and engineers experience many issues when conducting energy analysis during design and documentation within Revit.

A common criticism of Revit’s Energy Analysis Model (EAM) is that the performance can be slow, particularly for larger models. Depending on the architectural elements within the model, internal spaces and analytical surfaces are often not created adequately. This barrier that originates within the Revit API leads to frustrations and difficulties for designers attempting to analyze projects, particularly at crucial design stages where decisions can have huge impacts on the energy performance of a building.

We’ve written about strategies for energy modelling before and provided solutions to this issue in the past. Our team have released a new iteration of FenestraPro 7 that provides a new methodology for building analysis and simpler, faster energy modelling.

Latest Developments with FenestraPro 7

FenestraPro 7, our new iteration of FenestraPro, incorporates an innovative new methodology for analyzing and optimizing the building façade. It reduces the reliance on the Revit API to create analytical spaces and surfaces in a separate viewer, allowing users to better organize and analyze spaces, surfaces, and façade components. Users can then apply these design decisions directly back to Revit model.

With improved controls in our separate viewer, users can select analytical spaces and surfaces to quickly display any adjacencies or envelope elements.

The latest version of FenestraPro 7  is:

  • 5 times faster than previous iterations due to past reliance on the Revit API.
  • Has a smooth onboarding to resolve energy model issues.
  • Simple, dynamic data snapshots to review and resolve.
  • Maintains direct connectivity to and from the Revit model.

FenestraPro 7  provides users with a faster, more reliable version for energy model analysis. The iteration is currently in BETA and will be available for full integration into FenestraPro 7, due for release in January 2023. To see the BETA in action, register for a personalized demo below.

Megan Doyle

Marketing Manager @FenestraPro. Passionate about SEO, saving our oceans, and architectural history.