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We’re excited about this one!

FenestraPro Envelope Analysis now manages window to wall ratios for individual facades, as well as the total building.

Here’s three reasons you can use:

Quickly Identify Facades – Using FenestraPro Envelope Analysis you can quickly highlight each façade – the Forma model viewer will quickly rotate to display and navigate to your selection.

Apply Window to Wall Ratio to individual Facades – Users can now apply a glazing percentage to each façade. Maybe it’s a fully glazed curtain wall, or maybe a gable with no glazing that abuts a neighboring site – FPro will apply glazing configurations to meet the architectural intent.
See the impacts on your overall building – as you are modifying individual façade window to wall ratios, you can see how it affects the Total Window to Wall Ratio for the entire building. But alongside this, key insights on the impact of design decisions on the performance of the building– thermal performances, daylighting, and solar heat gains are all displayed and updated in real time.
FenestraPro Envelope Analysis is available for FREE in the Autodesk Forma extension marketplace, and the Autodesk App Store.
Simon Whelan

Co-Founder and COO @FenestraPro. Once a practicing Architectural Technologist, Simon is passionate about cycling, sustainable living and how the built industry can incorporate more resilient living practices.