FenestraPro for Forma 

As part of our commitment to optimizing the building’s energy efficiency and performance at the very beginning of the project, we are partnering with Autodesk to create and build hybrid workflows between Forma and Revit. 

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Why use FenestraPro 7?

FenestraPro 7 BETA incorporates an innovative new methodology for analyzing and optimizing the building façade. It reduces the reliance on the Revit API to create analytical spaces and surfaces in a separate viewer, allowing users to better organize and analyze spaces, surfaces, and façade components. Users can then apply these design decisions directly back to Revit model.

With improved controls in our separate viewer, users can select analytical spaces and surfaces to quickly display any adjacencies or envelope elements.

Improved Energy Model Analysis

Faster, simpler energy model analysis for large-scale design projects.

5 times faster than previous iterations

Removes any reliance on Revit’s slow API

Provides onboarding to resolve energy model issues

Maintains direct connectivity to the original Revit model

User Spotlight

User Spotlight

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