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After a challenging two years for the event industry, Zak World of Facades is hosting annual conferences and presentations worldwide that demonstrate how architects and designers can focus more on sustainable design strategies and façade optimization techniques. FenestraPro, a façade design platform that identifies sustainable solutions for better building performance, is giving a presentation on the challenges commonly faced during façade analysis and how designers can identify solutions to overcome them.

The presentation on March 31st will provide real-world examples of how façade optimization can meet common pain points in the industry and solutions for energy analysis issues often found in the Revit workflow.

Missed the event? Contact us here to review the presentation and learn more about FenestraPro 7 BETA.

The Challenges of Façade Analysis

The façade is often underestimated when conducting building performance analysis for sustainability and resilience. The introduction of passive design strategies can solve many challenges in design for occupant comfort, code compliance, and net-zero carbon projects.

This presentation will help architects to:

  • Understand how façade performance is optimized throughout the design process;
  • Use Energy Analysis Models efficiently with building performance tools;
  • Overcome barriers to dynamic analysis within the Revit workflow.

Overcoming Challenges Using FenestraPro 7 BETA

Many architects have found that the process when using Revit Energy Analysis Models is too complex and potentially incomplete during rapid early analysis, causing disruptions to the workflow and then the pMany architects have recognized that the process of utilizing Revit Energy Analysis Models during rapid early analysis is excessively difficult and perhaps incomplete, causing delays and disruptions to the workflow.

The second part of this presentation will demonstrate solutions for overcoming challenges with the energy analysis model by using FenestraPro 7 BETA:

  • How to move away from the Revit API and focus on performance;
  • Get more flexibility in selecting operations and parameters;
  • Have increased speed and more control over operations.

Here’s how other architects used FenestraPro to address challenges they commonly faced within the design workflow:

Due to glazing being the biggest hurdle when designing for buildings without glare, having a tool that allows designers to choose a glazing system and immediately see the impact it has on the building occupants within the Revit model is a game-changer.

Ikram Eloualid, Architectural Designer at Jacobs


SOM NYC has utilized FenestraPro on detailed panelization design processes for past and current case studies, providing us with dedicated knowledge towards our goals. Ruben Cabanillas Ramos, Enclosures Group at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

Ruben Cabanillas Ramos, Enclosures Group at Skidmore, Owings and Merrill

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