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For the first time in more than a year, Facades+ 2021 NYC is hosting their annual conference and workshops that provide architects with a deeper understanding of how the façade can be utilized for performance-based design.  

FenestraPro, a façade design platform focused on identifying sustainable solutions for performance-based design, is collaborating with Skidmore Owings and Merrill NYC (SOM) on their latest virtual workshop, Automatizing High-Performance Enclosure Design. The workshop on August 6th will have a specialized focus on system development and validation with comfort and performance metrics. As part of this workshop, attendees will receive a 30-day free trial of FenestraPro and access to FenestraPro Learning, a platform with short, bespoke courses for architects and designers. 

This two-part workshop will demonstrate lessons on automatizing workflows to meet high energy and comfort requirements during different stages of complex enclosure designs. SOM NYC and FenestraPro want to open a discussion on how firms can identify the right tools and metrics to support a sustainable balance between performance and occupant comfort. FenestraPro will provide real-life demonstrations and an interactive approach to the workshop, giving attendees the tools to analyze and test their knowledge on actual projects and case studies.

Part 1: Geometry in Schematic Design and Detailed Design

The first hands-on section of the workshop will explore the use of geometry in schematic and detailed design. Attendees will review how shading, window to wall ratio and implications of code can influence how the façade is utilized.  

Part 2: Materiality in Detailed Design and Construction Documentation

The second section of the workshop will demonstrate how the appropriate selection of glazing in the early stages of design can streamline the design workflow and mitigate project costs. Simon Whelan will explore how attendees can create and import custom IGU’s to FenestraPro and how to apply them in the Revit environment. 

Richard Aeck (SOM NYC) and Ruben Cabanillas Ramos (SOM NYC) will be presenting how FenestraPro is used by the Enclosures Group at SOM NYC in practice and real-life case studies.  

I’m excited to be presenting some of my experiences using FenestraPro to meet our performance-based design initiatives. SOM NYC has utilized FenestraPro on detailed panleization design processes for past and current case studies, providing us with dedicated knowledge towards our goals.

Ruben Cabanillas Ramos, Enclosures Group at Skidmore Owings and Merrill

FenestraPro enable the Enclosures Group to dynamically alter and validate our glazing and overall envelope performance analysis workflow. In practice, FenestraPro has allowed us to refine and tighten our DD and CD Phase assembly performance calculatoins to meet performance-based design objectives to acheive project goals. Using this tool helped us to protect the architectural design intent while prioritizing performance.

Richard Aeck, Enclosures Group at Skidmore Owings and Merrill


Attendees can register for our workshop up until the morning of August 6th. For event information, including agenda and registration, please visit Facades+ 2021 NYC website here.  

Megan Doyle

Marketing Manager @FenestraPro. Passionate about SEO, saving our oceans, and architectural history.