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FenestraPro is a powerful façade design software that supports the design and construction of beautiful, high-performing buildings.  As the facade can typically influence more than half of a building’s operational energy use, FenestraPro supports designers in using sustainable solutions towards net-zero carbon initiatives.

Alongside our existing features of optimizing glass-to-wall ratio and automatic generation of façade solutions, our team has added a variety of new updates and features that improve our users’ experience with the modeling diagnostic tool and defining glazing properties.

Envelope Export and Energy Model Cleanup

The Model Diagnostic Tool now has extended functions including creating a new project and assigning limited thermal properties when missing essential elements of a model. Users can now create a new project using only envelope elements to improve the processing and isolation of custom façade panels and nesting components. 

FenestraPro can create a copy of your model with the envelope plus selected elements of the users’ choice.

Identify Annual and Monthly Peak Solar Loads

The model viewer now displays results for Solar Loads and Daylighting on a 3D model, occurring after shading is calculated. This improvement enables users to find surfaces easier and make selections within this viewer from other lists. The addition of color-coded surfaces helps users to indicate value ranges – cool, optimum or hot – when reporting data from FenestraPro. 

Additionally, users can now identify annual and monthly peak solar loads and shading effects, allowing them to toggle data between average results and annual peaks.

User-Defined Glazing Properties

The user-defined properties are now identified when inputted into Revit 2020/2021/2022 and display immediately within the application.

The glazing tool for nested curtain panels now includes options for Linear Heat Loss and to override the percentage of glazing opened (where solid materials form part of the panel). The Actual Glazed Percentage is now shown in place of an opening percentage.


Our latest improvements address user configuration and customization within FenestraPro, such as streamlining our login process, integrated customer support tools and improved support for custom façade panels and nesting components. Users can now stay up to date on version notifications in the platform as they are displayed when a new version is ready to be downloaded.

Simon Whelan

Co-Founder and COO @FenestraPro. Once a practicing Architectural Technologist, Simon is passionate about cycling, sustainable living and how the built industry can incorporate more resilient living practices.