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Do you want to achieve performance standards and design for net-zero carbon?


FenestraPro is a facade design software that optimizes buildings for resiliency, energy-efficiency, and cost.

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FenestraPro 7: Improved Energy Modelling Functionality

We’ve provided leading architecture and design firms in the United States with custom, energy-efficient facade analysis to enable their designers to quickly and easily reach their sustainability goals.

Our glazing analysis tool intuitively selects the appropriate glazing specification from our database of over 1000+ IGUs to provide accurate building performance data for any project.

Key Benefits

The façade can control more than 57% of a building’s overall energy usage and is a significant influence on the comfort of occupants.

Identifying optimal design and specification solutions for the façade from early stages in design mitigates project cost during construction and reduces the running cost of the building itself.

Optimize overall building performance

Analyze thermal performance to meet code and understand passive solar heat gain and natural daylighting.

Seamlessly integrated into BIM workflows

Understand facade performance in real-time using our integrated Revit application.

Streamline your design workflow by at least 30%

Identify optimal façade design solutions and eliminate late-stage redesign.

Mitigate project cost and reduce energy use

Determine thermal performances in iterative design to save on project cost.

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User Spotlight

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Explore our passive design solutions and reduce your building’s energy use.