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Understand Detailed Thermal

Calculate overall U-Value

Select and specify different components to calculate an overall U-Value for the entire panel




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Functionality to Design Stage
Mapping Table – 2024

Design & Specify Conceptual Design Conceptual
Schematic Design Schematic
Design Development Design
Construction Documentation Construction
Site ConsiderationsSite Considerations Orientation, Solar Loads and Shading from surrounding buildings.
Glass to Wall RatioImpact of Massing on Glass to Wall Ratio to meet perscriptive thermal performance to meet code.
Distribution of GlazingThe optimal distribution of total percentage glazing to equalise and manage heat gain and daylight.
Glazing SelectionEasrly stage selection of glazing from database including Guardian Glass & Vitro Architechural Glazing.
Shading DesignEarly stage Shading Design with optimal horizontal canopy design to meet performance requirements.
Generate Windows & Curtain WallsAutomatically generate windows and curtain wall systems to meet performance requirements.
Intuitive Glazing SpecificationIntuitive selection and specification of glazing to meet performance requirements.
Shading DesignDetailed Shading Design alternatives with demonstrable impact in building performance.
Import Bespoke GlazingCustomise and import bespoke glazing make ups from Guardian and Vitro glazing configurator.
Analyse your Revit EAMAnalyse your Revit Energy Analysis Model and resolve outstanding anomolies onboard.
Weighted Thermal PerformanceEarly Stage Average Weighted Thermal Performance calculation to meet code requirements.
Passive Solar Heat GainOverall facade and space level Passive Solar Heat Gain Calculations with guidance.
Design Daylight FactorOverall facade and space level Design Daylight Factor Calculations with guidance.
Detailed Thermal PerformanceDetailed thermal performance analysis of windows, curtain walls and custom panels.
E & O Carbon BenchmarkingGenerate Embodied and Operational Carbon at project gateway points for analysis.
Thermal Performance Code CheckingCreate and manage thermal performance codes and regulations to monitor compliance.
Generate Bespoke ReportsExport specification and performance data to customize and generate bespoke reports.
Code Compliance AnalysisExport quamtities and performance data to generate and demonstrate code compliance analysis.
Detailed Thermal PerformanceApply, analyse and compare detailed thermal performance data for compliance.
Other Workflows
FenestraPro to InsightUse FenestraPro 7 to opimise your buildings facades and validate your design decisions using FenestraPro to Autodesk's Insight Autodesk Insight