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About FenestraPro 

FenestraPro provides software solutions for façade design and glazing specification to optimise energy efficiency and reduce carbon consumption.

It demonstrates the environmental impacts of façade design – allowing you to design, specify, analyze, and report on your envelope within the Revit workflow.. 

FenestraPro for Forma 

As part of our commitment to optimizing the building’s energy efficiency and performance at the very beginning of the project, we are partnering with Autodesk to create and build hybrid workflows between Forma and Revit. 

This will include providing Façade AI capabilities to automate envelope design solutions; performance outcome-based workflows to streamline analytical modelling; and connecting to component manufacturers data. 

  • Automation of envelope geometry – Window-wall ratios, glazing configurations; shading devices
  • Façade materiality – glazing and wall specifications
  • Analysis of Façade performances – U-values; Internal solar gains; daylighting; shading
  • Code checking, based on location
  • Energy Analytical Model preview workflow for Revit Energy Analysis

If you’d like to try our proof of concept, then click the button below!

Terry Byrne

Digital Content Manager @FenestraPro.