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FenestraPro – Envelope Analysis for Forma 

Autodesk Forma gives Users the ability to model design concepts while displaying insights and data into the site and its surroundings in real-time. This control aligns with what we at FenestraPro have been doing around the envelope, and we are so excited to integrate the power that FenestraPro brings to façade design into Forma.

The FenestraPro for Forma extension will enable early stage understanding of the impacts of the building envelope on the internal spaces of the building, and how they relate to energy performance and carbon impacts.

It will provide enhanced façade design tools while ensuring project data continuity through to Revit documentation.

This will give Forma Users unique insight into design decisions such as window-wall ratios, glazing configurations and shading devices, as well as façade materials and components, such as roof, wall, and glazing specifications.

Now, not only will Users get insights into the site and surrounding buildings in Forma, but by using FenestraPro they can also see real-time data on metrics that effect the internal spaces of their projects, such as thermal performance, internal heat gains, and daylighting.

Using FenestraPro for Forma will enable Users to:

  • Automate envelope geometry design to make informed decisions and apply window-wall ratios, glazing configurations and shading devices.
  • Automate selection of façade materiality to specify envelope elements such as glazing and wall specifications.
  • Code checking, based on location.
  • Analysis of Façade performances – Thermal performance, heat gains and cooling loads, daylighting and shading.
FenestraPro for Forma will be available very soon – and we’re also looking for some Users to beta test this extension in the next couple of weeks, so please reach out!!

You can give us feedback here, or feel free to contact us through our website.

Terry Byrne

Digital Content Manager @FenestraPro.