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fenestrapro latest version

Create teams to share and collaborate on building data

Define a Team with invited users for project collaboration, and to share project reports, building codes and glazing specifications.

Export BIM data to Excel spreadsheet for COMcheck reporting

Export envelope geometry and material specifications to an Excel spreadsheet for review and comparison.

Apply total window-to-wall ratio to a building

Quickly set a Window to Wall Ratio to be applied automatically to all facades on the model to check compliance, thermal performance, or outline internal performances such as daylighting and heat gains.

Apply window-to-wall ratio to a facade or surface

Control glazing zones on both conceptual and detailed models. Define percentage values to generate glazing areas on detailed models or create notional glazing zones on conceptual models.

Create and distribute glazing geometry to optimize performance

Autodistribute glazing to equalise Heat Gains on all orientations of a Conceptual model, or add glazing elements to a Detailed model by defining parameters such as WWR, glazing geometry or internal performances.

Quantify and visual shading effects

Calculate shading effects to include the impact of shading devices and other features on your project. Quantify the effects effects from shading elements and run a Shading Animation to visualize the impacts throughout the year.

Categorise and analyse quantities and properties of nested curtain panels

Control the properties of components within nested curtain panels by material, and use assembly values, (including framing, mullions and edge of panel values) for a detailed thermal performance of curtain walls in the model.

Investigate the effects of frit on glazing

Simulate a fritting effect on glazed model elements and apply to update Solar Loads and Daylight results. Dynamically adjust transparency and coverage to review various options.

Review internal heat gains, thermal performance and design daylight factor

Understand how glazing geometry and material properties will affect thermal, solar heat gains and daylighting, and toggle between Peak and Average Values.

Create groups of facades / surfaces to quickly navigate and lock / unlock

Create custom Groups of Facades/Surfaces to quickly navigate and focus on critical areas of the project.

Search, filter, optimize and apply from a database of 1000+ glass products

Select glazing products from leading manufacturers globally from our database of 1000+ IGUs. Sort, search and filter by SHGC, VLT or U-value. Apply to properties directly to your Revit model to understand performance in real-time.

Automatically specify glazing to optimize performance

Optimize glazing selection from our database of 1000+ IGUs from leading manufacturers globally, based on target values for thermal, solar heat gains and daylighting.

Apply custom values to model elements

Define thermal values for elements in Conceptual Massing Environment to comply with target Energy Codes, or automatically apply target values to update all element types for compliance.

Import and apply custom glass assemblies from glass configurators

Create custom IGU assemblies through our partner's Glazing Configurators, and import to FenestraPro to apply directly to the Revit model.

Link to glass products online

Link from glass products in the database to product pages online to review specifications and access EPDs.

Export BIM data for comparative analysis and customizable reports

Export BIM data to our Reporting Platform for data analysis, comparative analysis and creating customizable reports to share with your teams or clients.

Export BIM data to Excel spreadsheet for COMcheck reporting

Export envelope geometry and material specifications to an Excel speadsheet for review and comparison.

Identify and resolve Revit Energy Analysis model issues

Identify and resolve issues in the Revit Energy Analysis Model before analysis to ensure a robust and best practice Revit envelope model.

Set code benchmarks for window-to-wall ratio

Define target values for maximum allowable glazing, or quickly calculate the optimal solution based on thermal performances. This glazing can be applied directly to the Revit model to see internal performances.

Access FenestraPro Learning

FenestraPro Learning is an agile learning platform that provides users with short courses on getting started, conceptual and advanced functionality and AIA courses for free credits.

Set code benchmarks for thermal performance

Define prescriptive values for categories of elements, including Roofs, Floors, Walls and Glazing. Compare actual element values for compliance status.


Quantify and visualize shading effects from surrounding buildings

Calculate shading effects to include the impact of surrounding buildings and other features on your project. Run a Shading Animation visualize the impacts of shading on the model throughout the year.

Review solar loads to site by orientation

Isolate solar irradiance by orientation, then review values that require attention. Charts compliment selections to display colour coded results.